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a content creator, my mission is to elevate my clients' online presence by crafting visually stunning designs that push the boundaries of creativity. My approach to storytelling is grounded in a keen intuition and a "can-do" attitude, with a focus on infusing romance, comedy, and mystery into every project. Whether working from a barebones concept or a fully-realized storyboard, I use my expertise in design and animation principles to curate unforgettable, engaging experiences through my animated graphical content.

I'm actively seeking collaboration opportunities with agencies and production companies to bring their visual goals to fruition. I'm comfortable working with various bidding methods, though I prefer to bid on a project basis, taking into consideration the project's goals, assets, and schedule. Additionally, I'm available for both short and long-term projects, and I'm eager to tackle any challenge or problem that comes my way. So, let's connect and discuss how I can help you achieve your objectives!

Kevin Kerndt
DESIGNER + Animator

As a freelance designer and animator, I've had the opportunity to work with an exciting array of clients, including directors, agencies, motion studios, artists, and even a few rock stars! My expertise includes working in the fast-paced environments of broadcast network promotion and television news. I've also collaborated with agency teams on commercial edit sessions and provided on-site support during music rehearsals, creating and implementing screen content.

My toolkit includes Adobe's Creative Suite, with a particular focus on After Effects and Cinema 4D (Redshift and Octane) as my primary software. However, I always begin my creative process with good old-fashioned imagination and a sketchbook. With a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and techniques, I ensure that my work is always cutting-edge, visually striking, and tailored to meet my clients' needs.

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